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Freedom On Our Minds

Freedom On Our Minds is an interdisciplinary guide for grades 7 and above examining how African American artists and writers have defined “freedom” beginning with Reconstruction and continuing through the 20th century. The resource includes lesson plans, color overhead transparencies of art and historical objects and activities written directly to the student audience. Hands-on art lessons are accessible to teachers without a previous art background. The curriculum addresses California content standards for the visual arts and social sciences.

African Roots American Branches

African Roots/American Branches examines the African Chi Wara masquerade of Mali’s Bamana people; the water deity, Mami Wata, of central and western Africa; and a Nigerian veranda post. The curriculum explores the influences and adaptations in African American culture. The guide addresses a middle school audience but can be adjusted. Each of the three units is self- contained. All expository material can be duplicated and given directly to the student. Each lesson has: background information on the African object; its manifestation in an aspect of African American culture; maps; color overhead transparencies; work sheets for student activities as well as extension activities to other cultures.

Engineering Change African American Inventors in Light and Motion / 1840 - 1940

Engineering Change focuses on the lives and accomplishments of five African American inventors: Lewis Latimer, Jan Matzeliger, Garrett Morgan, Granville Woods, and Elijah McCoy, all productive during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each chapter examines the inventor's creativity and the role of creativity in inventions. Some qualities of a good inventor are enumerated, and one of these qualities, such as "curiosity" introduces each of the five inventors. Moreover, each chapter includes a biography, a discussion of the invention, and activities regarding the inventor's relevance to California today. A fold-out timeline links the inventor's life and accomplishments to the historical and social contexts in which he lived: in the world, in the United States, and in California. California teachers will find correlations with State frameworks in social studies, science and language arts, as well as with adopted social studies textbooks.

How to order your resource guides

We at CAAM welcome you to our educational resources and their cultural and historical explorations. We hope you enjoy the journey. To order, call CAAM’s Education Department at (213) 744-2133. For each guide, appropriate tax and shipping charges will be added.

  • Freedom on Our Minds: $60.00
  • African Roots/American Branches: $60.00
  • Engineering Change: $40.00