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Metaphors exhibition image

CAAM Courtyard Series: Metaphors - Charles Dickson
September 24, 2015 - April 10, 2016
Charles Dickson is a prolific artist who is widely known as a public artist with the ability to create studio works ranging from assemblage, functional art and sculptures using various materials such as wood, found objects, metal, and glass. During the creative process Charles Dickson imagines the raw materials before him being transformed into images, elements and shapes that will represent and symbolize the essence of the... more

Hard Edged exhibition icon

Hard Edged: Geometrical Abstraction and Beyond
August 13, 2015- April 24, 2016
Hard Edged illustrates the rich interplay of tradition, innovation, and individual talent among a group of forty-six visual artists of African descent for whom geometrical abstraction is their choice of expression. Through their abstractions, these artists address such important issues as feminism, identity, colonialism, stereotypes, family relations, and  social justice... more


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