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Shared Otherness Exhibition Icon

May 28, 2015 - September 6, 2015
The California African American Museum (CAAM) and the USC Gayle Garner Roski School of Art and Design are pleased to present Shared Otherness, an exhibition featuring the work of USC Roski students. This is the second such collaboration between USC Roski and CAAM as part of the CAAM Courtyard Series. This mixed-media exhibition references the community to which USC and CAAM belong. The works include a mix of conceptual and concrete ideas which... more

Hard Edged exhibition icon

Hard Edged: Geometrical Abstraction and Beyond
August 13, 2015- April 24, 2016
Hard Edged illustrates the rich interplay of tradition, innovation, and individual talent among a group of forty-six visual artists of African descent for whom geometrical abstraction is their choice of expression. Through their abstractions, these artists address such important issues as feminism, identity, colonialism, stereotypes, family relations, and  social justice. Hard Edged presents paintings, sculptures, collages, photographs,... more

Coloring_Independently exhibition icon

Coloring Independently: 1940’s African American Film Stills from the Collection of the California African American Museum
August 27, 2015- February 28, 2016
CAAM celebrates African American cinematic moments from the 1940’s through an independent lens. This exhibition features over 80 film stills and related photographs from the museum’s unique collection of African American films from the 1940’s, a time of limited character roles and access to the... more

The African American Journey West: Permanent Collection

The African American Journey West: Permanent Collection
Currently on view
The African American Journey West: Permanent Collection exhibition features art and artifacts that allow us to trace the African American experience from the western shores of Africa to the rural fields of the southern United States and on to the continent’s western frontier.... more

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